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Get permanent Spiritual protection against all evils and witch craft for yourself and your entire fa

Get permanent Spiritual protection against all evils and witch craft for yourself and your entire family ‘‘+27769581169’’


Dr. BUZALE ‘‘+27769581169’’

I’m the greatest African spiritual traditional healer of now and future I use and follow African principles of spirituality, healing guidelines and herbal medicine protocols providing me the power to produce perfect results that is 100% guaranteed provided rituals and correct instructions are followed. I use simple and acceptable rituals and instructions based on all African cultural briefs and norms assisting me to deliver perfect, safe and effective results. I use very strong protection to all people I help hence no any negative or side effects.


Very Important information to note before you visit or contact me:

My spiritual gift and powers is not meant to prove anything to anyone or educate any one about spiritual work, visit or contact me if and only if you have problems or challenges even if you have moved to many other doctors or healers and have failed you, I will handle the situation and bring light to you.

About results and how long it takes to see results:

Results may vary from one person to the other depending on their personal brief and how correctly instructions are followed. The time flame to see perfect results depends on the processes involve in each work although most of my work I finish them in a maximum of 3 days.


I do help people and they pay after work is done but it all depends on what your work involves and requires for the best results. If your work require specific rituals like goat or cow sacrifice it’s you to provide it, I’m doing this work as a gift and a calling not for profit or money hence you have to provide what is required for your work.

Clarification about certain spells:

Although online and distance spells work and produce effective results it’s best to visit me I check everything we leave no stone unturned.

Many people visit or call asking about money spells and instant money please I don’t have such because my work on money, financial problems and wealth will be based your natural luck and blessing which you were born with it’s a born gift I don’t create it. It works on individual meant for and it doesn’t apply on everyone.


About African Spiritual work and why most healers fail peoples work?

The major characteristics behind people failing in spiritual work is because most people don’t want to follow the processes and wants quick result both on healers and our clients. Healers we train when they know one or two things they want to go start practicing before we confirm they are ready to go, clients on the other side want quick solutions of now-now. Another thing now days is that people want to be healers to make money not as a calling and others may pretend to be healers when they are not and we can’t regulate spiritually as its nature is a calling and someone can have powers today and tomorrow lose it but I believe through trying angels will direct you to right healer.


About African spirituality will work or will ancestors help me if I’m not African?

Yes. The truth is African spirituality is based on humanity or Ubuntu , of which we well know humanity began on African continent and spread elsewhere and their norms, cultures , skins color evolved as time passed so there’s no way it cannot work on any human being.

More so there is a tendency of people mixing spiritual work with science, there is nothing I can say much about that because some people now days are fooling themselves trying to attach science on everything forgetting that everything has its science, there’s no human being who knows everything and we need to accept things we don’t know.


About Spiritual reading:

There are so many insights hidden in everything that happens in your life and around you in form of dreams, how you fell, what you touch and who come around you, I will check, see and interpret and find you answers for now, today, tomorrow and the future. Note I don’t make decisions for anyone I just guide you to the right directions, in addition I provide spiritual advice and counseling to those suffering from too much life stress and confidence issues.

CALL/WHATSAPP: Dr. BUZALE: ‘+27769581169’

Visit my website:

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Best Sangoma & Powerful Traditional Healer in SA +27769581169

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